What We Do

Design & Engineered to Last

At Draken, we will work day and night to ensure you get the service you need, when you need it; not only that, we guarantee that with our help, you can cut down your CAD Conversions and Design Project costs by almost 50%.
We stay on the frontier of innovation and implement market leading solutions, in a timely manner. 

Maunfacturing Drawings

If you have in-house CAD design and are experiencing high demand we can ease the load on your designers by taking your models and using them to create drawing sets for manufacture, ensuring production is not held up waiting for working drawings.

Product Development

Product Development is the process of conceptualizing, planning, designing, prototyping and testing your concept. At Draken we can help you take a product from concept to a market ready product


Bring Your Product to the Market Faster with Draken Prototyping. Your prototype will allow you to test form and function while ensuring it has been designed appropriately for manufacturing.

Site Measures

For many businesses, projects often require measuring a location and a 3D in-situ model drawn from these dimensions; at Draken we offer both of these services. 

CAD Conversion

Do you have old hand sketches or 2D Drawings that you would like converted in 3D CAD Files? At Draken we can turn your existing information into fresh working drawings and a 3D Model that could be improved on your request.

3D Scanning & Printing

At Draken we offer both 3D Scanning & 3D Printing services. We can take your part and turn it into a 3D model both from the physical world to the virtual world and vice versa.

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