CAD Conversion

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Digitising and Documenting Dated 2D Data

CAD Conversion (also called CAD Digitisation) is where existing 2D information, such as .pdf or printed copies of part drawings and assembly instructions are redrawn into a 3D format and brought up to date with fresh drawing sets. 

Conversion helps clients secure their files, avoid damage to proprietary data, and reduce employee training times. This process, which also includes converting existing manual documents to electronic format, is applicable to many companies which have used 2D data or insider knowledge as the basis for their manufacturing processes.

Draken customers have benefitted from this service extensively; protecting their data, and allowing them to safeguard their manufacturing from unexpected talent loss, by providing up to date manufacturing information in an easily accessed format. This also increases business value, as well-documented manufacturing data allows easy set-up of manufacturing in new or overseas facilities, even with untrained staff. 

Some clients have found our drawing sets have eliminated at least 50% of their training times for new employees, due to the ease with which the new, complete 3D drawing sets can be understood compared to traditional 2D drawings. We have also digitised information which was previously passed on man to man by word of mouth, saving our client from having to assign trainers for long periods and significantly reducing the risk of miscommunication.  

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