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Low-cost, Scalable Part Prototyping

A typical design process for many products often requires multiple prototypes; our 3D printing facilities help reduce development costs by enabling us to print hard plastic protoypes of 3D modelled parts.  This gives our customers the opportunity to see how their product functions and make improvements before committing parts to manufacture, saving both time and money.

Our 3D printer works with both hard and soft plastics, and the composition of our materials can be customised to suit acidic environments and other corrosive areas. These materials are loaded as 1.2 or 3mm wire reels; this wire is fed into a  CNC-controlled, heated nozzle which melts the plastic and places layers of the melted material onto a bed, building it up until the finished product is formed.

Currently our machine allows us to print 300x300x400 mm Parts. 

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